More fun than Laser Tag, less painful than Paintball….

Combat Archery combines the traditional sport of Archery with fun combat games that will get everyone involved!

This exciting, fun and interactive game is played with specialist foam-tipped arrows which absorb the impact when it hits a player. But don’t be fooled, not ALL of the impact is absorbed so you can still take great delight in tagging your opponents in our diverse range of games!

Specially designed by us here at Targeted4All, our unique variety of games include Flag Grab, Hunger Games – Elimination, Shoot ’em out and, our personal favourite – Zombie Survival!

Our Combat Archery will keep you on your toes and ducking arrows for up to 2 hours (90 minutes approx. game time) and is suitable for those aged 16 and over.

Prices £35 per person for 1 person.